Wednesday, May 01, 2013


Yesterday was my birthday.
I celebrated with several coffees, herbal teas and delicious treats.
Morning tea with a favourite followed by a wander around the Vintage Markets.
Lunch with my two boys.
A quick op shop stop resulting in some Staffordshire and Johnson of Australia treasures.
An afternoon coffee with my mum, Amelie and Nate.
A visit from the inlaws and parentals.
Birthday wishes and messages from the important people in my life.
Thoughtful gifts including a beautiful bunch of hyacinths from my favourite florist, a deliciously scented candle, a pair of perfect boots from country road, a lovely mustard elk necklace and some lovingly made crocheted fingerless gloves.
It really was a lovely day.
I went to bed feeling so thankful for the abundance of beauty in my life.
Beautiful people and relationships. A beautiful home filled with collected treasures.
I am most grateful for the amazing family and friends God has blessed with me.
Life is good.

I am blessed.


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