Wednesday, May 22, 2013

topsy turvy

The last couple of weeks have included some real topsy turvy days!
Maybe my moods and feelings have matched the weather -
sunny and uplifting one day, gloomy and miserable the next!

All year my parents have been looking forward to their mid year overseas trip. It signified a couple of things, mostly the end of a long half year of radiation treatment for my dad, which was first discussed in about September of last year. It was also an opportunity to meet up with and spend some memory making time with my brother and sister-in-law who have been travelling since the beginning of the year.
My dad has recovered slowly from his treatment, gaining good health and strength. And then 2 weeks ago mum became unwell. Lethargic, no appetite, prolonged temperature, hold and cold sweats, shakes and an uncomfortable feeling under her ribs that has just not gone away. Mum cares for people. She regularly takes some of the older dears from our church to their appointments and out for coffee. She is generous with her time. She cares for Nate twice a week so that I can go to work. She is thoughtful and kind. She has been strong for Dad. Maybe her body was tired, exhausted even. We put all our strength into remaining optimistic and positive that they would be going on their holiday. She visited the doctor on multiple occasions, had tests and even saw a specialist.
Fortunately, at this stage it just seems to be a severe virus (possibly connected to her liver).
Unfortunately, her health has not recovered enough for her and dad to go on their trip.
There have been lots of tears of disappointment.

I shared a prayer with a beautiful, wise woman of God on Sunday. As she held me tight, she encouraged me to stay strong in the knowledge that God has his hand on the entire situation. As Val reminded me, we may not always get answers as to why things happen, but our faith reassures us that God's timing is perfect.

Mum and Dad will have the opportunity to travel again. And even though it won't be as they had planned, it will still be a special time for them. They deserve it.

So I continue to put my faith in God and in the big scheme of things I know that this is a disappointed that will be gotten over.

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