Tuesday, March 12, 2013

a new day

Headaches, horrible moods, hormones, hot and bothered - pretty much sums up the last few days for me! 
I'm afraid that I haven't been much fun to be around.

My family has tolerated my far from perfect behaviour and  have simply left me alone. 

Well today is a new day. I am still feeling a bit flat and achey (I have some strain of a cold/flu thing that seems to have struck everyone in my family) but there are happy times to plan and celebrate so I need to look forward. 

Jim officially graduates this Thursday. I don't think that he would ever have imagined that he would give up the trade (he is/was a painter) to return to full time studies. And when I say return, I mean this was his first go at tertiary studies - he had not been to 'school' since finishing year 12 in 1995! It was a big deal. For him and for our family. There were some trying times (for him and me!) but he did so well and I am proud of him. When faced with big, life changing decisions we put our faith in God and God delivered - starting with a successful application to The Gordon Tafe, an awesome placement at Barwon Youth (which simply confirmed that youth work was where James was meant to be), part time work at a local highschool (which led into a Chaplains position this year), financial security throughout the year even though we were only earning a very minimal income (and I mean VERY minimal!), and the offer of a part time position at another highschool for this year (meaning he has full time employment). God is spectacularly good!
James will always consider himself a tradesmen (in fact he was actually painting the kitchen reno at church yesterday!) but now he is also a Youth Worker/School Chaplain. 

So on Thursday we celebrate! I have tickets for Amelie and I to go to the graduation ceremony and I'm hoping we might also fit in a special dinner too. I'm proud of the example James has set for our children and I think it is really important that Amelie shares this important occasion.

So tomorrow is a new day.
A day to be thankful and grateful for the big things and the little.
A day to rejoice and celebrate.


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