Saturday, March 23, 2013

spots and stripes

Nate requested a 'spots and stripes' theme for his 4th birthday party.
Or a "potty and tripey party" in Nate speak - the letter 's' is a bit of a challenge!

We had a lovely afternoon at home with his cousins, grandparents and favourite friends.
An interesting visit from 'James the Great' magician.
Nate, Oliver, Charlie, Jet and Harper were intrigued, Amelie and Malya not so convinced!
Lots of laughter and fun.

Jelly slice, cupcakes, chocolate truffles, popcorn and a stripey cake.
Balloon sculpting, magic tricks and silly faces.
Happy times.

"It's not my real birthday party" was said several times today as Nate attempted to understand why he was still three at his 4th birthday party! I'm not sure if he quite gets it but he seems happy with the thought of two birthdays. At bedtime as we snuggled I asked him what his favourite part of the day was and he answered "my favourite bit was when all my friends came". Perfect.

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