Saturday, March 09, 2013


It has been a hot Saturday. And I woke with a horrible head.
Jim and the kids had beach plans while my plans included nurofen, coffee and a lie down. joy.

After bags were packed, towels and sunscreen gathered the family left for their adventure.
After resting for a while on my bed, I moved to the cool of the family room and sat. In the silence.
It was bliss.

I love the chatter of my children:
Nate singing to himself, Amelie pretending to host her own television programs
but sometimes silence is golden.

I pottered around, quietly, tidying benches, sorting cupboards, finding homes for the children's toys and treasures. I watched a couple of my favourite programs on the ipad, lying on the couch under the air conditioner. I ate my mum's homemade relish on dry biscuits with cheese. I drank milky coffee.

The peace & quiet was lovely.

Nate has learnt to write his own name and it is popping up all over the place!
Some thrifted treasures
My brother's coffee machine has settled well into its new (temporary) home 
A tidy games cupboard.


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